Hot Dogs and Milk
digital, animation
Key Concepts:
Violence, Children, Race, Sex, Identity

Hot Dogs and Milk was made with support from a Research, Creative, and Scholarly Activities Grant from the Office of High Impact Practices at the University of Central Oklahoma. Special thanks to David Webber for being my faculty mentor during this time. This work was presented at the University of Memphis in Memphis, Tennessee during the 2017 National Conference on Undergraduate Research and at Oklahoma Research Day in Enid, Oklahoma. 

“Hot Dogs and Milk came from research done while working as a researcher for the Oklahoma Lynching Research Project at the University of Central Oklahoma. I had spent the generous part of two years reading primary source materials regarding lynching in Oklahoma and other research material into the history of violence used as a tool of social control. This animation is retrospective of that research, using my own relationship with violence, sex, and race as the visual language.” -JJ
Jacob Harrison Jones