PSA: People Speaking Art

Call for Text Works for Radio

Community based radio transcends physical barriers, as well as barriers such as literacy and media monopolies that control how we access art and information.  Although the KRUI studios are closed, we have the technology to open the airwaves from our apartment.  We are interested in texts that are interested in being broadcast - texts that demand to be heard.

"PSA: People Speaking Art" is a call for works curated by intermedia artist Jake Jones (they/them) and translator, poet Kaylee Lockett (she/her) and is sponsored by KRUI 89.7 FM.

All accepted works will be read over the radio by Jones and Lockett.


- Texts will be read during our live event on June 12th over KRUI Iowa City which broadcasts simultaneously over the radio at 89.7 FM and online at

-Only accepting previously unpublished works.

-There is no word limit. Or any limit. Texts can be poetry, prose, dramatic, experimental, instructional, found/appropriated -- a script, a receipt, instructions, a public service announcement, a series of tweets, or whatever.

-Radio Station Policies: No swear words, no calls to action (you can't say "go do this" but you can say "this is happening at this time and place"), you can't say how much an event costs, not even if it's free (you can't say "come see my band play at Gabe's it only costs five bucks").

-Due to the restrictions of broadcasting remotely we can not broadcast any sound files. Everything broadcast will be read into a microphone in our apartment. 

-We cannot offer pay for accepted entries, however we’ll do our best to promote this experimental radio art experience. All work will be read over the radio on 89.7FM, KRUI which has a listening range of approximately 80,000 people in addition to online listeners. There is no entry fee. We accept new works or proposals for works. We will also record the entire show to send to contributors upon request.

-The readers have access to a variety of equipment that can be used to modulate their voices (reverb, delay, harmonizer, etc) and are both writers and sound artists. If accepted you may specify how you would like the work read. For example,  "please read this piece as a relay race where you hand off the baton after each word", "please read this so it's impossible to understand what is being read", "read this like a bad poet" or "please read this seriously and carefully so every word is explicit and clear to listeners." You get the idea. At least one of us is good at silly voices.

Application Materials:

Please email the following materials to :

Title of Work

How you would like to be credited

Short description of text

The text piece

Application due May 31st

Works will be read on June 12th

All works will be considered! Please email if you have any questions, problems, concerns, etc.

Jacob Harrison Jones