A N N O U N C E M E N T S 

Summer 2019:

I just published a new album of short songs. Check it out here

I was a guest on ihearIC, an amazing local music and art radio show. Check it out here

I am pleased to annouce that I have been chosen to participate in Public Space 1’s Summer Residency program in Iowa City. I will be a part of a group show on Saturday, July 20th, from 6-8pm. 

I am DJ’ing all summer at KRUI 89.7 in Iowa City and online at krui.fm 
Wednesdays 8-9AM: This is a Rock and Roll City 
“Serving up some heavy metal, rock and roll realness from KRUI’s dusty record shelves. DJ Jake Jacobs is here to hoot, holler, and howl that Iowa City is a Rock and Roll City. Awhooga!”

Fridays 8-9PM: The Test of Lime w/ Jake Jacobs
“The Test of Lime is an experimental radio show that features performance art, interviews, and sound art. The show is a part of my larger art practice as an Iowa City Intermedia artist in the School of Art and Art History.“

Fall 2019: I’m teaching Intro to Intermedia at uIowa!

Intermedia Open House: 
Planet Intermedia is taking over the Visual Art Building for one night on November 12th, 2019. If you are a graduate students or an undergrad enrolled for an Intermedia class at uIowa in the Fall then you are eligble to participate in this amazing community art event. 

Here are some flyers from the Spring 2018 Intermedia Open House

Jake Jones  jacobharrisonjones@protonmail.com