An Exercise in Pranks

April 18th, 2019
Visual Arts Building, Atrium University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa 
Intermedia Workshop
8:29 PM - 9:12 PM


8:29 PM - 8:50 PM

Directions for Scottie Feller III
    “Act like you’re setting up for a band. Just tangle and untangle chords - make sure everything is plugged in, test levels etc. Interact with people who gather in the Atrium.”

Directions for Griffen Clark
    “Get the name of everyone who shows up that’s not an art student so we can pay them the 5$ we promised. Then at around 8:45 PM come to my studio and help get us into the trash cans.”

Directions for Jake Jones and Joe Rodriguez
    “We hide in my studio from 8:30 PM - 8:50 PM. We prepare our equipment and enter the instruments at 8:49 PM to be wheeled out. We are the battery in this active electronic instrument. “ 

8:50 PM - 9:12 PM
Directions for Musicians (Girffen Clark and Austin Wellner)
    “Wheel the instruments from my studio to the Atrium space where the makeshift stage is. Plug us in and push us around - knock us into each other. Try to get some audience participation. Use your best judgement.” 

Directions for Instruments (Joe Rodriguez and Jake Jones)
   “Once you’re plugged in start performing your noise set from within the instrument. The performance ends once you tap out. Just push the top of the instrument and throw your hands up.”

How Sounds Were Made: 

    “I was in the trashcan with my little Fender amplifier, some effects pedals, and a mixer. I had two contact mics taped to opposite sides of the trashcan. It smelled like kitty liter, cheap cleaning spray from Aldi, and coffee grounds. Once inside I could only really move one of my arms which split the task of banging on the sides of the trashcan and mixing with the amplifier. The other hand had to hold two cables together so I wouldn’t lose power. I immediately was scared that I would not be able to power through this performance so I stared at the ‘r’ in Fender on the grate of my amp which was inches from my face. I still can’t believe I lasted longer than Joe.” -JJ

Jacob Harrison Jones